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Black on blonde: big program!


The two creatures as sublime as the other chat on the sofa. Plunging necklines of the possible, skirts ras-la-mold, long hair, intoxicating perfumes … The two cars are dropped on each other! Their tongues intertwined, all saliva and clothing, as exciting as they are, are quick to fly off. Our two dolls lick the con as they can tease the clitoris to swell and overlap pussy cat cons. The show is also deafening whatever the angle! These two bitches are taking in impossible positions just to be enjoyed, to hear their girlfriend scream like a wolf, and to all those who enjoy watching. Minute by minute, they become more and more bitches, more and more wild. Their fingers plunge full speed into the holes of their girlfriends, who immediately retaliates by pushing his hand like a fury. These two sluts were made for each other!

Date: March 24, 2020

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