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Oh that’s cute …


Two beautiful cats for 19 years who are lapping! Soft and sensual creatures, although pampered, well scented, and who meet by chance on a bed both. In a miniskirt, it goes without saying, and with nipples that point to begin! Our two beautiful soul suddenly feel greedy … The brunette down gently on top of his girlfriend in her mouth and takes its wonderful small breasts, an intense freshness. The other is found in string without realizing it, leaving the brunette closer to his crotch. And a language that will come from the lips of her sex, it makes it all funny, cute! She is dizzy and moaned like a little pussy. The brunette, she loses nothing by waiting. She put her girlfriend in this state … of fingers, tongues, breasts that are rubbing against each other, that’s all they will do their afternoon enjoy both! Always better than shopping …

Date: April 12, 2020

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