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The server fucks his blonde boss in the restaurant room


Fortunately the restaurant was not open. But 30 minutes from the opening, the boss checks my establishment of the room when his server arrives to take his service. He is excited to see her in such a sexy and provocative outfit. A lump forms under his pants. They used to fuck together and she realized that she had to get rid of the pressure before the big rush of noon. She throws herself on him and he size a blowjob greedy in the open room. He tilts forward on a table and he eats the holes before planting his stiff cock by the excitement. He spends time in her pussy, but his boss wants an extra menu and chooses sodomy. He bursts her anus who was unprepared and suffers a little of the caliber of the guy who sinks into her far away. He will cum in the anal canal while withdrawing to admire the open anus of his boss who can begin the service with the ass filled with cum to welcome the first customers.

Date: March 28, 2020

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